Established in 2005 SoundChick Accessories is a unique accessories brand that produces the finest quality, visually artistic and culturally inspired couture accessories and designs. SoundChick Accessories include the popular Chick Feather Earrings

Chick Feather earrings and accessories; made of Dyed and Natural Peacock; Coque Tail; Turkey and other exotic feathers. The natural iridescent beauty and unique pattern in each feather intertwined with vision of the designer introduces unconventional and culturally inspired use of color to the artistic and high fashion jewelry pieces.

Chick Feathers are the perfect accessory to your entire wardrobe from casual to jazzy yet add an earthy accent to your fashion sense. The uniqueness of each feather undeniably makes each piece of jewelry timeless and one of a kind. Chick Feather earrings and accessories are available in customized pieces and can be set in the metal of your choice. Accents may include gemstones, crystals and beads.