Bianca Rae


 My name is Bianca Rae. I am pursuing entertainment anchoring and hosting. Home is often hard to decipher for me, for I was born in Chicago, went to school at the University of Missouri for four years, yet spent my summers interning in Los Angeles. My roots are in Chicago with my gamily, who i am very close with, yet if home is where your heart is, I am a California girl. I knew I wanted to be a journalist from the moment i was old enough to have actual conversations with people. I was always searching for more details and asking thought provoking questions. I have interned at KTLA, ! Entertainment, and FOX Sports and am using the foundation I built for myself in LA to start my career. I have always said you can tell what your calling is when you watch someone do something and feel a strange magnetic desire to get up there and do it with them. When i watch entertainment hosts anchors, I literally cannot stay in my seat. I know this is what i am meant to do, and i am ready to work hard achieving it.