Rodney is well remembered by many today as a three and a half year old little boy with big hair and a bigger smile who became famous from doing the Jack in the Box hamburger commercials in the 70’s. That campaign spanned 14 years and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded Rodney with the distinction of having one of the greatest commercials in the past fifty years. He has worked with such Hollywood legends as George Burns in the feature film, Oh God Book II, Mel Brooks, in Blazing Saddles, and other notables such as Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dick Clark. Rodney has appeared on numerous TV shows: The Johnny Carson Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few. Today, Rodney has emerged as a personable, 41-year-old, university graduate with a B.S. degree in Marketing and extensive experience in both the business and entertainment segments of the motion picture industry.

In 1999 Rodney formed R.A.R. Entertainment, his own independent, video production company. He expanded his company in 2001, adding Ripped Marketing Group, an advertising and promotions division. Among several of successfully designed and promoted ventures by this marketing and P.R. firm were live music events at BB King’s Blues Club in Universal City, California. He has held positions as cameraman (DP) for countless live sporting events, a documentary on the life of Big Daddy Ed Roth, and numerous other ventures.

As the director on a variety of projects, his expertise ranges from commercials, to music, videos, documentaries and independent film projects. Between shoots he is involved with The Special Olympics, The American Cancer Society and the Carson Coordinating Council. Rodney takes time to mentor youth in between speaking engagements. Rodney was asked to join a very prestigious panel for the 2006 Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C. Even Rodney said he was taken back when asked to accept the position as Entertainment Chairperson for the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Margie and Rodney just completed production on a new reality show concept entitled Pass It On. This show will work hand in hand with nonprofit organizations and Rodney as the host, will go about getting items from peoples’ homes, garages and storage units and he will make them useful again by “passing them on” to someone who could really use them.

Rodney, actor, producer, director, and talk show host, brings to Bow Tie Productions a vast knowledge of film, media, marketing, and digital production. His keen ability to bring positive media attention to everything he does and to oversee the artistic design and flow of an entire project is invaluable.