Asphalt Messiah is band out of Los Angeles (Distributed globally through Ingrooves/Fontana/ Universal ) that is a true Hybrid of Rock/Hip Hop (Rock Married to Hip hop and dates R&B on the side!)! They all hail from different points in the country, but have collectively come together to bring the masses unity through their music. Members: Kacy "Guitar Pimp" Jones ( Guitars/founding member), Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer (Lead Vocals/Producer), Bryan "Bass Beast" Talbot (Bass in yer face!), Lukky Martin (Drums) . Global Fan Club: Asphalt Militia


Asphalt Messiah speaks to us ALL and not just the Few. So, we have come together like 'VOLTRON' to spit the Truth in a language that we ALL have been waiting to understand. The sweat, blood and tears of struggle, pain, and oppression are the elements infused in our musical expression. It is the single soul of OUR humanity that annihilates the destructive insanity of racism, sexism, and all that divides, and is what creates a harmony in our music and all of our lives!

Asphalt Messiah - Uniting Rock, Pop & Hip/Hop, Breaking Racial Stereotypes with a New Sound, Unique Blends, Driving Rhythms and Strong Melodies. A Band to be heard for ALL PEOPLE.