CHILLY C is Currently Spinning @ Quintessential Club and Nightlife / Lloyd & Harry's / Upstairs Lounge / Station House and Utopia Studios. My name is Chris Neuenkirk Some people know me as: DJ CHILLY C..... I have been a Dee Jay and reggae music historian for 25 years... I started Dee Jaying back in 1982. 

 I have worked on some recent reggae compilations from Heartbeat Records / Studio One.. Bob Marley: Another Dance & Gladiators: Singles Collection.And most recently: Lee Perry: Chicken Scratch Deluxe Edition. These are out in the stores coast to coast, also available on vinyl. I would like to gratefully thank Leroy Jodie Pierson and Chris Wilson at Heartbeat Records for my involvement in these projects. Thank You.Also, check out U-Roy : Foundation Skank. And my Latest project : Scientist Meets the Roots Radics.

 I blame my pops for giving me the record bug. I got my 1st record player when I was 4 years old. He had been collecting since 1960 and from as far back as I can remember, there was music playing in the house. I was primarally raised on jazz, with brazillian jazz and bossa nova and vocals mostly played.With that being said, I have a vast knowledge of the genre.St.Louis played host to one of the first listener supported radio stations in the united states. The station was called KDNA 102.5 FM. Located in Gaslight Square. The mother of KDHX and the creator of Double Helix. He was a Dee Jay there from 1969-1973 and helped build the music library there.Leonard Slatkin,Gabriel (who is currently on KDHX 88.1 FM Sunday nights) were some of the more notable programmers of that time. KDNA folded and was sold for 2.5 million 1973 dollars. An unheard of amount of money back then. KEZK has been using that frequency to this very day.All of the above is why I am in this buisness today..If you ever have any questions about records or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message..

Here is more about myself

One of my 1st spins was at Heartbreak Hotel w/ Joe Striker playing reggae, where B.B.s Blues and Soups is currently residing... In 1989 I met a D.J. by the name of KDJ. He had a renovated space at 1624 delmar called: Studio KDJ. This is where I took the last 8 years of practicing at home and doing house partys (4 Horsemen) to an Official club level. after a year or so of creating a buzz in downtown st. louis, KDJ landed a thursday night spot at a bar called the West Bank Club. with little or no advertising, we proceeded to have a very sucessful thursday night of epic crowd proportions.Outgrowing our space and countless thursday nights of me hauling around a 2000 watt Hi - Fi system, we finally landed the the Hi - Fi at a larger club called: Sonny's. With the equipment in a secure place, we ended up having the most successful primetime thursday, friday and saturday nights in St. Louis for a predominant hip hop spin...Honorable mention goes out to Stages nightclub on route 203 for hosting some of the biggest nights ever. Word up to Mikey - B for putting me on to play Hip Hop late night's at the legendary Stages night club...After our stint at sonny's, we moved to a club on washington av. called: Evolution (formerly 1227). We worked there for a bit and parted ways in Nov. 1994.

 I sold my 1st collection of records and moved to New York City and got a job at a syndicated radio production company called United Stations Radio Networks. I Dee Jayed at a club on the lower east side called: The Koop. The Koop was a club where I could spin real jamaican roots music and Hip Hop. I found it fascinating then, that all different kinds of people would come in to the club. Dee Jaying on the lower east side was a great experience.New York was a lot different in 1995 and it was the year of the independent Hip Hop label. On the commercial side of things, meeting Biggie Smalls at the Apollo theatre was incredible. When I worked at United Stations, I used to tag along with my co-worker bryan kweskin to the Apollo. His job was to tape the Showtime at the Apollo, hosted by Steve Harvey. I met a lot of famous people there as we had All Access passes for every taping. Seeing Junior m.a.f.i.a. perform "Players Anthem" for the first time LIVE, was bananas !! Enough about Harlem, Back to the L.E.S. I used to dig in the 2nd hand shops near tomkins square park for records and bumped into an employee of Fat Beats by the name of: Ryan Sikowski. He introduced me to the owner Joe and DJ Eclipse. Hanging out at Fat Beats became a daily habit after work. My most memorable moment at the store was seeing DJ CASH MONEY and DJ RIZ go head to head on the wheels in a impromptu scratch off for fun after hours in the store. I just wanna say that DJ RIZ is ONE BAD ASS WHITE DUDE on the wheels. He reluctantly used cash's copy's of Peter Piper and fucking killed it. Both of these guys are world class. Meeting and hanging out with Bobbito was epic as well.

 I moved back to St.Louis in 1997 and took my leftover Hip Hop collection that I saved and started to rebuild. My 1st job back in the Lou was Hyperspace on locust st. With john. harington as host.Charlie Chan and Rich Money had the night there and they were nice enough to let me spin. It was kind of weird being back but it was a start.I bounced around for a while doing different dates and eventually met B-Money. He started a spin with DJ Alejan, DJ Needles and FLY DX called: The Science. They took this spin to KDHX with wes allmond ( dj solo ) and started to spin live on the air. DJ Alejan was making records with a group called concept of A.L.P.S. DJ Solo was with The Science as well. Eventually, The Science moved to Blueberry Hill and broadcasted live on 88.1 from the Kool Herc Room (formally known as the elvis room). In 2002 DJ Solo semi retired from Dee Jaying, B-Money moved to New York and I landed a spot on the Science program. I alternated with DJ Grocery and Agile One. The Science folded December 2006.

 I am currently spinning @ Upstairs Lounge / Station House and Utopia Studios. check my faceBook for Event dates And I can also be seen spinning any given time in St. Charles on Main St. at: Quintissential w/ DJ VILLIAN & A FLEX And Lloyd & Harry's with DJ JUICE. Here is a list of clubs that I have worked at over the years to current Heart break Hotel 1985 Studio KDJ 1989 Westbank Club 1990 Melanies 1991 Sonnys 1992-1994 Evolution 1994 Koop 1995 NYC Babyland 1995 NYC Sanctuary Hyperspace 1997 Deep Cool 1998 Karma Tangerine 1998-1999 Velvet Havana Room Cheetah Club 1999-2000 Shoot a Rack 1999-2000 Tony Bono's Upstairs Lounge KDHX STUDIOS "SCIENCE BROADCASTS" Blueberry Hill : The Science 2002-2006 Blueberry Hill : StreetKingz Marketing Ciceros Stages DELMAR LOUNGE Decarlos Main St. / o'Fallon Undertow Fubar Firebird Atomic Cowboy Lloyd & Harry's Uncle Joe's Bar Louie Kirkwood Molly's Red Bull Roxanne Quintessential St. Charles Halo Bar Station House Utopia Studios