Artist, DJ, Producer, Remixer, Engineer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, AmFm Alexander is one of Los Angeles most creatively diverse energetic and consistent entertainers of electronic dance music today. With an uninterrupted flow of record releases since 1996, he has unleashed immaculate tracks ranging from pounding hard house, hard trance, banging electro, break beats and through the sublevels of progressive house, trance and techno. With over 43 EP's, 19 singles, 4 mix compilations out on the market and counting Alexander has set a very solid foundation for his work in the dance floors across the world. Extremely unique and distinct production style has given AmFm the opportunity to collaborate, re-mix and share stages which artists such as Deamau5, BT, Q-Bert, Amber, ABC, Yoji Biomehanika, DJ Craze, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Reza, Felizia, Mix Master Mike, Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vission, Robbie Rivera, Dj Irene, George Centeno, Angel Alanis, Dynamic Dual. Alexander's relentless mixing and scratching skills, and phenomenal programming has sent crowds all over the globe spinning into a raging frenzy, this has been AmFm's motivation and inspiration to continue producing uplifting, pounding, energetic tracks. From countless dance floor anthems created in his studio, AmFm has become undisputedly one of dance music's most prolific Icon's. This bad boy is here to stay untill he makes you dance!!!!!