DJ Uptown, The People’s Champ Hip-Hop/Funk/Soul/Rock/R&B/Live Mash-Ups/Party Rocker lights it up at the Delmar Lounge (the Sunday nite mix tape) 609 (cross fader wars) four turntables, hella DJ’s, all turntables (Sunday 11pm-3am) | (Tuesday 9:30pm-1am) For the Love of Music, DJ Uptown (JerryHill) has been involved with the music scene for over 18 years. Although he has only been Djing for the last two years his talent comes from his knowledge of several instruments, with drums and percussion being his profession. Every Night DJ Uptown hosts a feast for your ears. The People’s Champ is connecting the musical dots with Latin, Funk, Soul, Rock and Hip-Hop.