After graduating from CalArts, I decided to take a small break from the full time pursuit of music and took a job with the U.S. Postal Service, as a mail clerk. While working at the Post Office, I toured locally with a group called 7 Erotic Days that was based out of New Orleans. We played at different clubs and social events and opened for groups such as LeVert and various R&B acts. 7 Erotic days went on for about six months, and then I received a call from Bruce Sterling, who was the head of an agency call “Active Entertainment,” to come audition to go on tour with a band called SpearHead. After a two day audition, I got the gig, quit the Post Office, and started the tour.

While on tour in Minneapolis, I hooked up with R&B vocalist Jon B and started to tour with him. While touring with Jon B I performed in videos with Mary J. Blige and various artists. In the summer of 1999, I toured with Mya at the Lilith Fair, which started in Vancouver and tracked its way across the U.S. in oneto two months. I continued to tour off and on with Mya for two years.

My next big break came when Bruce Sterling called me once again to play on a talk show spin-off of Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno, called “Live in L.A.,” that would be aired on the B.E.T. network. Since the call, I have been the drummer of “Live in L.A.” I have performed for the Blockbuster Movie Awards with Mariah Carey, and have performed with Tyrese, Dream and many other artists. I have also honed in on my writing and producing skills, along with being the drummer for Rayzing Sons. I'm also an Actor.

I plan on getting more involved in acting and scoring for films, especially Horror films. I love the idea of drama and suspense that comes along with the music in Horror films. This is my story, and if there is one thing I could leave you with, that would be to stay positive and be the best that you can be at whatever you set out to do, God will never let you down.